Walter Glogowski

picture of Glogowski

Walter Glogowski teaches at Ridgewood High School, Norridge, Illinois, and has been a teacher of Science and Computer Science for the past eight years. Walter holds a Bachelor's degree in Science from Bradley University (Peoria, IL), a Masters degree in Biochemistry from Roosevelt University (Chicago, IL), and a Master degree in Education and Curriculum from Loyola University (Chicago, IL). In addition to his degrees, Walter received National Board Certification as a Master teacher in Adolescent and Young Adulthood Science in 1999. Before becoming a teacher, Walter worked for 14 years doing scientific research for the McGraw Medical Complex in Chicago, IL. Since becoming a teacher, Walter has won two educational grants totaling approximately $45,000. One from the GTE Cooperation to implement a radio astronomy program at his high school and another from The Toshiba America Foundation to implement "Researched Based Science Education" at his high school. Both grants involved emphasis on computer programming. Walter is actively involved in a volunteer program at Yerkes Observatory, which is sponsored by the Center for Cosmological Physics (University of Chicago) where he is a laboratory instructor for at-risk students. Walter also takes 3-4 of his high school students each year during the summer to the National Radio Observatory in Green Bank West Virginia for a weeklong radio astronomy program where he and other coordinators run a program called Educational Research in Radio Astronomy. Walter lives in the Chicagoland area with his wife and daughter and enjoys programming and astronomy.