Jeff Adkins

Jeff Adkins is a physics and astronomy teacher at Deer Valley High School in Antioch, California. Jeff is the director of the school's ESPACE Academy (Earth, Space and Astronomy Center for Education) and has secured grant funding to build a planetarium, observatory, and radio telescope for his school. Jeff is the author of an introductory astronomy textbook called Conceptual Astronomy and he maintains a web site for astronomy educators called . He is a graduate of the University of Arizona , where he majored in astronomy, and has participated in many astronomy education programs such as Hands On Universe , Teacher Leaders in Research Based Science Education ( TLRBSE ), and many others. As a participant in TLRBSE he got to use large telescopes at Kitt Peak National Observatory while participating in a project to search for novas in the Andromeda Galaxy. Jeff requested and received several images taken for him by the Mars Global Surveyor currently orbiting Mars. Most recently Jeff was chosen to observe on the Spitzer Space Telescope to study the characteristics of Far-Infrared Blazars . Jeff lives in Antioch, California with his lovely wife Lori and twin sons Benjamin and Jonathan.