Tim Brennan
Timothy Brennan

Timothy J. Brennan of White River Junction Vermont is a high school teacher at Woodstock Union High School. A former electrical engineer, Timothy Brennan has expertise in both hardware and sofware. He has been teaching since 1992 at Woodstock Union High School where he teaches Physics, Astronomy, Algebra, Geometry, and Computer Programming. For each of the past seven summers, he has worked with the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth program where he has taught Astronomy, Algebra II, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus. He has just recently completed a sabbatical year at Fermilab, the world's most energetic particle accelerator lab, where he designed electronics to run photo-multiplier tubes. His contributions at Fermilab were within the BTeV experiment, an experiment which will be looking at the production of B-mesons and questioning many of the tenets of the so-called Standard Model of particle physics. He lives in Vermont, under dark, dark skies, with his wife, Beth, and their two cats.