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Daryl Taylor graduated from Shippensburg State College, PA with a dual degree in Physics and Math. Taylor taught at Francis Scott Key High School for three years, as a biology teacher. Taylor then went on to a position at Palmyra High School in New Jersey where he taught Physics, Algebra, and Geometry for three years. After a short break from teaching Taylor went back to teaching Math - Algebra, Pre-Calculus and Calculus at Delran High School in New Jersey. Taylor then went on to Willingboro High School in New Jersey. Left alone to develop his teaching method Taylor received the Staples Teacher of the Year and the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math & Science Teaching '96. While developing his approach to teaching science and math, Taylor coached wrestling, track, as well as other sports. Taylor then taught at Williamstown High School in Williamstown, NJ. Has since become a featured speaker at State and National Science Teacher's Conventions. He retired from New Jersey Public Schools June of 2004 and has started a new teaching career at Greenwich High School, CT. Taylor travels a lot giving workshops that vary from "Hollywood Science" that discusses all the stupid things we see at the movie theater and on TV to "Teaching Physics Subversively" that shows other teachers how to teach effectively and increases student interest and thereby performance without them even knowing they are being taught.